1st Annual “Senior Day Players, Cocktail Reception”

CFA Members and Friends of Cornell Football,

I’d like to share with all of you the sentiment from our inaugural Senior Class Reception held April 29th at the Statler prior to the Red-White game. You could not have been more impressed with the turnout of our seniors as they were given their CFA membership packets. The time spent with these young men was priceless. All told we had 19 members of the senior class in attendance and these young men are proud of their time spent at Cornell and will be big players for the CFA in the years ahead. In talking with all of the players, you could not help but get a sense that they endured some tough times in the program, but are leaving it in better shape than when they arrived. All players were eager to know how they could help and what roles they could play in the future of the New CFA. I walked away from the event feeling that the movement and progress of the New CFA is alive and well. In addition to the senior players in attendance, we also had two faculty members, one present and one former, Jan A. deRoos from the Hotel School and Gene German, retired professor from the AG school. We also had several parents of players in attendance in addition to current and past board members of the CFA.

In closing, I’d ask that all of you welcome these young men into our organization by simply sending them an email thanking them for getting involved! As we prepare for an even better 2017 season, I think we’ll look back at this group and know they did some heavy lifting at a time when the wins were tough to come by. No matter what the win/loss records were when we all played, matriculated at Cornell, or simply came to watch the games, we are ALL former Big Red Players and friends of the football program. As we move forward, please help spread the word to any old friends and teammates and we’ll continue to build momentum for an improved Football program as we add membership and positive energy to the New CFA!

The new members from the senior class are:
Nicholas Bland
Corey Dean
Marshall Deutz
Drew Diedrich
Alex Emanuels
Jonathan Ford
John Foster
Chris Fraser
Flint Geier
Jaivon Gibbs
Michael Hobson
Brett Jones
Brady Malone
Islam Mohamed
Daniel Morin
Joe Pierik
Ben Rogers
Eric Sade
Robert Somborn
Michael Staples
Matthew Sullivan
Luis Uceta
Jake Waltman
Jackson Weber
Jordan Young

Let’s Go Big Red and we hope to see you all at the Golf Outing on July 28-29th!!

2017 Senior Day Gallery

Doug Pratt ’84
CFA Chairman

(636) 262-0048
Coach Archer’s philosophy: “EVERYONE CAN DO SOMETHING” – please help spread the word!