2019 IFA Dinner & Reception | Recap


The highly anticipated IFA Dinner & Reception did not fall short of expectations. The Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel delivered a 5-star experience to all involved. More than 1200 alumni and guests from 8 Ivy League schools, adorned in penguin suits and gowns, paraded to their respective cocktail receptions, trading stories, handshakes, and hugs. The camaraderie and excitement of the event filled the halls and rooms of the hotel.

Dr. George A. Arangio, Cornell '65,  '69
Dr. George A. Arangio, Cornell '65, '69

(6:45 pm) It's time to herd 1200+ people from 8 rooms into what can only be described as a banquet room almost the size of a football field. (Think about this the next time you try to get your kids into one room!) The banquet room, filled with 120 perfectly set tables and video screens fit for a football stadium, was about to be invaded by a mix of football players and their guests. (Note: This will take longer than expected.) Once seated, everyone was treated to a delicious, perfectly presented appetizer, aptly followed by the main course that can only be described as sublime. While being presented with this wonderful display of food, the festivities began. Jack Ford (Yale '72) guided us through the night as Emcee with class and humor. Eight Ivy League Honorees, each prefaced by their inspirational videos, graced the stage with words of wisdom and dedication to their families, communities, careers and (of course) their schools. Each honoree has incredible, if not historic, college football credentials as well as a dedication to making the world we live in a better place.

If you were unable to attend this year's event, please click the links below to view the photos or video segments for each of the honorees.

I would suggest settling in with your favorite snack or a big bucket of popcorn! Either way, you're in for a treat!