Chad A. Levitt ‘97

To my Big Red football family:

Recently a few prominent Big Red football alumni have written letters encouraging your continued support of our program at this crucial time. While our results on the field these past few years have not been optimal nor met our desired goals, I can promise you that this absolutely will not become our normal trend. Big Red Football will continue to fight, NEVER give up, and eventually ‘get back on top’ to once again be a winning football program in the Ivy League.

If you are reading this, you are married to the Big Red football program. Whether you played, your child or friend played, or you are a Big Red sports fan or alumni – you are part of this family. If your family is going through a difficult time, the last thing any honorable person would do is to find fault, criticize, blame others, or in any other way distance yourself from your partner in need. We are all in this together. Now more than ever your family needs your support.

Please, I ask that you get behind Coach Archer, the players, the CFA, and the rest of our supporting cast in expressing your unconditional devotion to this team. Financial support is great if you have the means. Otherwise, you can support the team by coming to our annual CFA golf outing this summer, attending games this fall, or simply wearing your Big Red colors with pride and following the team’s progress. Check out the new CFA website, become a member and Stay Involved. What can you personally do at this crucial time to support our Big Red football family? Just Do It!

Sincerely your teammate forever,

Chad A Levitt ’97