Ed Marinaro ’72


Hope you are all happy and healthy and looking forward to the warmer temperatures of spring; unless you live in Ithaca…

So, here’s the deal. The CFA has been reinvented. As a result of the work of our fearless leader, Marty Rauch, we are now an autonomous non-profit entity and have the authority to determine how the money we raise thru CFA events actually gets spent. We feel strongly it should go directly to the football program. Which is the way it should be.

If you are receiving this reach out, it means you are part of the Big Red football family. It’s important that we keep our enthusiasm high when things are not going as we would all hope. But for me it’s not only about winning or losing. Every summer when I go to the golf tournament and get to meet many of the current members of our team, I’m impressed and proud with the quality of these young men. I’m pretty sure they hate losing more than we hate seeing them lose; and I’m also pretty sure that our loyalty to the program is not lost on them.

You know what we need to do? We need to increase the membership of the CFA and bring in some of our non-football playing Big Red friends we know to the golf outing. I did that last year when I brought one of my geeky friends from LA, Lance Gentile, ’71 who is an ER doctor and an Emmy Award winning writer for the TV show “ER”. He had a great time meeting everyone, even some of the DU a–holes. But I digress.

Let’s get excited again. We have a great head coach and a talented coaching staff. We will win again, Soon. As Ben Crenshaw said the night before the final day of the Ryder Cup several years ago when the Europeans had what appeared to be an insurmountable lead, “I have a good feeling”. Or something like that.

Hope to see you all this summer and Go Big Red!!!

Ed Marinaro #44