Jeff Mathews ‘14

To my Big Red Football Family:

jeff-mathews-2Most of you know by now that many former football guys have been writing to advocate being more involved with the new CFA. I have spoken with Marty Rauch regarding the efforts of the CFA, and I am thrilled to lend my voice and support. I couldn’t agree more with the words of Kevin Boothe, Chad Levitt and so many others. Let’s find a way to do more for an organization that has given us so much.

When I think of Big Red Football I think about the amazing guys I was fortunate to play with. Sharing a field with the finest men in the country was an honor. As a recent grad, I want to prompt some of the guys I played with to find a way to get involved. Recently, I spent some time with some great teammates in Chicago and again at the Kentucky Derby. It’s amazing that years removed from our playing days, we were able to spend some time together and inevitably have some bar room conversations about our days wearing the red and white. What a great experience to be able to reminisce and make some new memories. I don’t remember “Arch” telling us the “44 year scholarship” included lifelong friends and unconditional support. What a blessing. The longer removed from the field, the more I value the opportunities and friendship Big Red Football opened to me.

The CFA does a great job of supporting our current players and coaches, but also is so impactful re-establishing the relationships we all valued on the hill. We all have a common bond and regardless of year or production, being a Big Red Football player will always be special. To our younger Alum, let’s find a way to get involved. Active support and giving back are more important than money, especially as our program transitions into the future. I can’t wait to get back and catch up on where life has taken us, but let’s not forget, the reasons for our individual successes stem from the relationships and support we were given as players. Let’s do our part to ensure Big Red Football is a piece of pride in others lives as well. Please join our efforts.

Can’t wait to see you all soon.

Time to make a footprint in our time after the hill,

Jeff Mathews ‘14