Coach Jim Knowles ’87

To my fellow Big Red Football supporters:

Big Red Football is not broken. The program has and will continue to produce quality men of character and purpose, that will be positive leaders in their communities, churches, business endeavors and our nation. But (and we all know what is coming next) when it comes to claiming winning as a value – we are seriously off course. This is a 60 year problem that can no longer be overlooked. With the advent of The New and Improved CFA, the time is right to correct this issue.

Having seen the problem from all sides, and devoted over half of my adult life to the success of Big Red Football, this is W.hats I.mportant N.ow

  1. Identify the problem – Let’s not point fingers at people or the Athletic Department etc. That’s not the truth. As Coach Archer says: “Everyone Can Do Something”. Many of us are willing to help, and it will take many more, as long as we know our efforts will have an impact. The CFA is now poised to ensure that anything we do as individuals will directly contribute to the success of Big Red Football.
  2. Join the CFA
  3. Contribute your Treasures to the CFA
  4. Give your Time to the CFA
  5. Utilize your talents on behalf of the CFA
  6. Support the coaches
  7. Encourage and assist the current players as allowed
  8. Trust the CFA leadership
  9. Speak positively in regard to Big Red Football and the University
  10. Reach out to a former player or friend of Big Red Football who is currently not involved or may be experiencing hard times, and let them know we want them back.

Let’s get 10 wins right here on this list. We can certainly do that and then watch how it impacts what happens on the field.

I know personally how difficult this challenge is. Recently, I have been able to be a part of a remarkable turnaround of a football program at an Elite Academic institution that had been left for dead. We all know it is possible. It does require commitment at the highest level of the University, but that’s not an issue of concern for you and I.

I trust Coach Archer. I trust the CFA leadership. They will work tirelessly and with great conviction to influence change. I can now do my part in support of the CFA and rest assured our collective voice will be heard.

Check out the new (CFA website) and find a way to be involved and get in the game!

Please join me,
Jim Knowles ’87