Kevin Boothe ‘05

I’m excited about the revamped CFA. After talking with Marty Rauch, I have a good understanding of the “New CFA” and how it will benefit our Football Program going forward. As the great Ed Marinaro said, “let’s get excited again”. This is an important time to show our support for our team and my great friend, Dave Archer.


We all need to become more active in the CFA as it is our group! I’m looking forward to attending the golf outing this year, and I hope to see a lot of former teammates of mine. Hopefully, I will meet many of you who played before or after my time at Big Red. I haven’t been to the outing since working in the infamous 2002 outing, and I encourage you all to attend this year’s CFA golf outing.

When I am around fellow CFA members, I still feel young, but I know that I am more than 10 years removed, and current players were preschoolers when I began playing on the Hill. However, I still feel an attachment to this program as if I still played. The reinvented CFA will be a great place for all of us to reconnect, stay close to the program, and cheer on our Big Red on their ascent to the top of the Ivy League. Take a look at the “New CFA”.

Get excited, get involved and get in the game!

I hope to see you all soon. I guess I need to learn how to golf…

Kevin Boothe ‘05