Luke Siwula ‘08

Friends and Family of Big Red Football,

luke-siwula-2When I first arrived on campus in the summer of 2004 before my freshman season, the first person I met in the locker room was then 5th year senior and Captain David Archer. Here I was, a clueless 18 year old “high school harry” wearing the colors of my hometown and about to walk into an infamous Coach Howley workout. Luckily before Coach Howley could have a freshman teaching moment at my expense, Coach Archer took me aside, got me in proper attire from the Cage, and made sure I made it through that workout with minimal infractions. He lifted me up and helped show me what it meant to be a teammate at Big Red.

From that first day on campus, two things stuck with me; 1) I walked in an outsider and left instantly feeling a part of something bigger – a family. 2) I learned Big Red Football was a program of discipline, always with the intention of out working the competition no matter how great the odds.

luke-siwula-3Fast forward 12 years, and like so many of you, I look back with the fondest of memories to my playing days on the hill. We are all a part of the BIG RED FOOTBALL FAMILY and all have a responsibility to be disciplined in pledging our support to the program by getting involved with the revamped CFA, as we can make a difference!

luke-siwula-4Having recently gotten the chance to connect with CFA Chairman Marty Rauch and having been fortunate enough to have played with and for Coach Archer, I am confident the leadership is in place to take this program back to the top of the Ivy League. However it is critical that everyone DO THEIR PART. We all have a stake in this program as it helped to mold us into who we are today. Remember “Everyone Can Do Something”!

luke-siwula-5I strongly urge everyone to take 10 minutes today to do the following: 1) check on your CFA status to make sure your membership is active, and renew your CFA Membership today. 2) Call a former teammate or friend of the program and ask them if they have done the same. 3) Try to attend the upcoming CFA golf outing July 29-30. 4) Most importantly, check your calendar and find time to attend a game and root on the Big Red this fall.

Just like Coach Archer helped to lift me up so many years ago – we owe it to him and the young men committing to his vision by doing the same today – as they are family!

I look forward to seeing everyone soon and GO BIG RED!!


Luke Siwula ‘08