Mike Miller

Mike Miller ’87

Dear CFA Members and Friends,

The “New CFA” is alive and well. Under the leadership of Marty, Doug and others, the CFA, with your support, is on the precipice of helping Big Red Football rise to the top. I hope you will consider renewing your membership or joining for the first time and while you are at it please consider asking a classmate or family member to join as well.

If you do join, maybe you will garner some of the fond memories I have as a supporter of Big Red Football and the CFA. I am from the class of 1987 and my first day walking around Shoellkopf in the summer of 1983 I was lost and out of sorts. Then two stars of the varsity team, Derrick Harmon and Mark Miller walked by and could not have been nicer. They gave me a pep talk about college football then showed me where Teagle (freshman locker room) was and sent me on my way. I knew who they were and thought wow, that’s Big Red Football-the people at its best. My freshman football locker mate was future head coach, Jim Knowles whose love for Big Red football, as a freshman, was infectious. Even when I transferred to the Sprint Football (150’s) team, Jim and I remained friends, studied together and still correspond to this day. Big Red Football was the foundation of many good friendships I still have almost 30-years later. I met Kevin Boothe as a NY Giant through work my wife does for Tom Coughlin’s foundation. Kevin is held in high regard by former Coach Coughlin and the Giants. He is living proof of the type of people that are the heart and soul of what Cornell Football is all about.

Finally, I met Coach Archer when he was a newly minted graduate football assistant. He was looking to stay with alums to save the Big Red money on hotel bills while recruiting in NJ and NY. I did not know who he was before we met or what he helped coach, but my wife, three boys and I met simply the finest ambassador for Big Red Football that the University ever produced that first meeting. We knew great things were in store for Coach Archer because he took what others taught him about Big Red Football and the University traditions and he lives it every day. We stayed in close contact over the years and not unexpectedly, watched him ascend to his current role as Head Coach.

Please consider becoming a member of the CFA and offering your time, talent and treasure. The pieces are in place and I am confident that with your support Big Red Football will be Ivy Champs very, very soon.

Mike Miller ‘87
Glen Rock, NJ