CFA Season tickets can now be picked up at the Will-Call Gate, as well as the ticket office in Bartels Hall;
 they will have a complete and up-to-date roster of all dues paying and lifetime CFA members.

Peter Baccile ’84

Calling all Big Red football fans,

As you have all seen over the past several years Ivy football has become ever more competitive, not only on the football field, but behind the scenes, in the “front office”, and most importantly on the financial front. Make no mistake, success in athletics in the Ivy League requires lots of money. Money not only for new turf, weight rooms, practice facilities and the like but also for annual operating use. More recently, Dartmouth and Columbia have developed focused efforts around increasing the annual operating budgets for their programs. Those efforts have been significantly funded through alumni support and while it’s still early to measure success for Columbia, Dartmouth has gone from a perennial under-performer to the top of the league in 2015. The newly formed CFA has an enormous opportunity to impact the future direction of Big Red football but we need EVERYBODY to get involved. There are many ways to help. Be sure to renew your membership, try to get two other non-members to sign up, attend the golf outing this summer (July 29th & 30th) and come prepared to participate in the auction and support our program. We all need to get behind Coach Archer and his staff. We have a voice, through your generosity we will have significant funds – and a louder voice, it’s time to pump up the volume so that they hear about Big Red pride in Cambridge, New Haven, Philadelphia and the rest. The time is now to create new traditions. Let’s start by transforming the new CFA into a powerful, agile, and impactful force in the Ivy League.

See you this summer.


Peter Baccile ’84