Stephen Liuzza ’10

Friends and Family of Big Red Football,

stephen-liuzza-2Have you ever taken a moment to think about the many successes in your life that have resulted because of the opportunity you were given to play football at Big Red?

For me, the opportunity offered by Coach Roper and Coach Knowles is linked to countless successes in my life since I was 18. From developing lifelong friendships to career advancements, I can link that opportunity to so many amazing outcomes in my life.

For many of you, I bet the feeling is mutual. Heck, Luke Siwula ’08, understood the tremendous impact of Big Red Football even before he left campus. During a pregame speech at Schoellkopf, he pumped-up the team by informing us he was a “success story” only because of Big Red football. To his credit, I am almost certain he put Homer, NY on the map (probably even Google Maps).

stephen-liuzza-3All kidding aside, I firmly believe many of you would agree that many of your successes since graduating are due in part to the opportunity you were given to play at Big Red and the tremendous support you received from the entire Big Red Football family during your time in Ithaca. I know I will forever be indebted to all those who gave their time and effort to make my time at Big Red so special.

Since graduating, I’ve attempted to repay that debt by contributing back to the program in any way possible, because I want to ensure the current and future players will have an even more tremendous experience than me. However, over the past few years, like many of us, work and life have taken over a bit, limiting some of the traditional channels to contribute. But lucky for us, CFA Chairman Marty Rauch and the New CFA have fully embodied Coach Archer’s motto, “Everyone Can Do Something”, and offered us every opportunity to give back. Whether it be in person at events like the Ben Mintz golf outing, electronically via networking and mentoring, or monetarily through gifts and donations, everyone can truly do something to support the program and the student-athletes.

stephen-liuzza-4If you’re curious to learn more about what you can do to contribute, please take a few minutes to check out the new CFA website. While you’re there, validate your CFA membership status and see if you need to renew it today. Also, check out the link for the upcoming golf outing to see if you can attend (if you’re lucky, you may even be able to spot the annual “No Shirts Hole” on the back 9 from the ’10-’11 classes). Lastly, print out the 2016 Football Schedule and determine when you’ll be able to see the Big Red in person. If you can’t seem to find the time to make it to any events, reach out to Coach Howley ( and Coach Destefano ( and provide them your latest contact information for recruiting and mentoring opportunities.

I have full confidence in Coach Archer’s plan for the program. There is no doubt in my mind the wins will come, and come soon. But, I know it’s not all about the wins and losses. It’s also about impacting kids lives in immeasurable ways, which reminds me of a memorable Coach Knowles quote about the Big Red Reader program for local elementary schools: “It’s all about the kids!”

I look forward to seeing everyone soon, either at the golf outing or at a Big Red game this fall!

Stephen Liuzza ’10