Ty Siam ’11

Big Red Community (and specifically young alumni),

I am sure most of you have seen the messaging by now – the CFA is a stand-alone non-profit entity – but what does that mean for us?

ty-siam-2I remember sitting in a room with my teammates and hearing the words “play worthy of the position you have been given” and I remember reflecting on those words deeply. I will forever be amazed by the men I have met through Big Red Football as it has opened so many doors for my teammates and me. I remember the moments of struggle to finish that last problem set, but to be sure there was enough time to get to “drift-lift” and film (and don’t forget about a stop at Trillium). I remember the involvement of our team in the community helping with programs like “First Downs for Second Chances” and “Big Red Readers”. I remember witnessing the many things going on around campus that some of our teammates managed to be involved in like “Dragon Day” and “Establishment”. I will forever be amazed by a Cornellian – I will further be amazed by a Big Red Football Alumnus. To succeed in that environment is to play worthy – to be worthy.

ty-siam-3I am envious of, and hopeful for, the current generation of Big Red Football Players that they can live the above life and do more – that they can be called an Ivy Champion like the ’71, ’88, and ’90 teams. We came in with that same goal and it is our duty now to step up and aide the many fantastic alumni who have filled that void in the past (should I call out names here?). It is our duty to support the mission and help Coach Archer and his staff – to help the “New CFA” – and ultimately help the future brand of what it means to be a Big Red Football Alumni.

It is more important now than ever to jump on board, buy-in, and support the cause. Change is often only successful when being embraced with great enthusiasm. Please remember that notion in the coming months and join the CFA, or make a donation to the CFA – remember that we can all do our part, no matter how big or small.

Check out the new CFA website when you have a moment, and let’s bring this program and organization to where it belongs – the top of the Ivy League!

Be a member today because we are teammates for life – I believe it, do you?

Ty Siam ‘11