CFA Season tickets can now be picked up at the Will-Call Gate, as well as the ticket office in Bartels Hall;
 they will have a complete and up-to-date roster of all dues paying and lifetime CFA members.




The “NEW CFA” will not stop working on behalf of current and future student-athlete football players until Cornell Football attains a position of consistent excellence.


It’s Time…
It’s time to acknowledge that as former players, alumni and supporters of Cornell Football, we really only have two choices:

  1. Accept that where we have been is as good as it’s going to get, and we are all ok with that, or
  2. Get to work building a foundation for a future of success.

The CFA Board and supporters choose #2.

But, like any great program, or team, we can’t do this alone and we can’t do it all at once. We need everyone to pitch in and we need to take small steps that lead to larger ones.

We’re asking for your help and re-commitment to Cornell Football.


We acknowledge that it’s been challenging to create the changes and momentum needed for the Cornell Football program to excel. That’s admittedly a significant understatement. We have a good understanding of the issues that have contributed to the current state and while there are many opportunities for improvement, and we’ll address those, the fundamental truth is that the first thing that needs to improve is financial support for the program.

It’s Time now because we have been given a great initial boost here by some prominent alumni (The Challenge). These alums are passionate Cornell Football supporters and have given us a tremendous opportunity to turn the program around.
"It’s Time" will provide a dollar-for-dollar match, up to an additional $300,000 per year, against every dollar the CFA raises above our current level of support for the program for the next five years. Effectively, this will potentially allow us to increase the CFA commitment level up to $600,000 annually and to $3,000,000 over the next five years!


Because there are young men, working incredibly hard, who need our help. Because we were them once. Because these are our children or children of our friends. Whether we were aware of it or not, there were people like us now, behind the scenes, working to try and make the experience a positive one. This is how we pay it forward. Finally, because winning feels good, and we all win when Cornell Football wins! It’s time to win.



  • Former players
  • Parents of current players
  • Active Alumni
  • Friends of Football


You have every right to be skeptical. It feels like we’ve been down this road before, but in addition to the financial commitment from the “The Challenge”, this Board, the athletic department and Coach Archer have been making progress. Here are some things you should know.


  • This has always been a challenge in recruiting at Cornell. Managing and achieving consistency with the different processes at each college has made it difficult on the staff. Additionally, we have not applied the same standards some of the other Ivies have in admitting football players.
  • We still have work to do here, but have made progress in streamlining admissions by eliminating the self-imposed university essay requirement for recruits during the pre-read process which helps tremendously.
  • Aggressive proactive matching of (AMI) financial aid methodology and 100% matching of other Ivy League Financial Aid offers have made a positive impact in our ability to ease the financial burden for student-athletes.

Proof Points #2: THE ROSTER

  • We are getting better players.
  • We’re nowhere where we need to be, but we have shown measurable improvement and we played meaningful football in weeks 8, 9 and 10 in 2017!
  • Statistical Data:
    • Rushing Offense: 162.9 yards in 2017 (Best in last 11 years)
    • Scoring Defense: 22.1 points in 2017 (Best in last 11 years)
    • Pass Defense: #1 in Ivy League in2017 (31st in FCS)
    • Sacks By: 24 in 2017 (Most by a Cornell Defense since 2000)
    • Sacks Against: 13 in 2017 (Best in last 11 years)
    • 1st win vs. Harvard since 2005
    • GPA: Team GPA above 3.0 over the last 5 years (9 semesters)
    • Weight Room: Highest average body weight, bench, squat and vertical jump since 2003


  • Coach Archer and the administration have made a commitment to attracting and retaining the finest quality staff possible.
  • Additional monies will be expended on coaches’ salaries and retention packages to ensure we have the proper level of staffing and best coaches to provide consistent, high quality tutelage and instruction for our players.
  • New hires as needed to complement the needs of the program and maintain position with our Ivy contemporaries.

"It's Time" Challenge Progress

Single Year Progress (2018)
Goal per year - $300,000
5 Year Progress (2018-2023)
5 Year Goal - $1.5 Million