CFA Career Day 2018

CFA Members & Friends,

I’d like to personally thank the presenters that participated in this year’s Cornell Football Association “CFA Career Day 2018” weekend. It is a true commitment to Cornell Football and a contribution to the professional lives of our student-athletes which makes these career advancement activities so impactful. The comments and feedback from the players has been extremely positive and they are very appreciative and full of thanks and gratitude.

John Hanson
Chris Morosetti
Mark Palmerino
Stephanie Perkins
Daniel Green
Lauren Kent
Jake Whalen
Newman Rochester
Jim Miner
Dan Hagen
Frank O’Dowd
Christian Golofaro
Chris Hanson

Dennis Ginley
Buck Briggs
Ty Siam
Jared Konstanty
Ryan Lempa
Jeff Woodring
Matt Russo
Ryan Masterson
Ryan Adams
Jim Perrello

Please mark your calendars for next year’s “CFA Career Day 2019”. If you are interested in getting involved and being a presenter, send me a note and I will begin to assemble another all-star group of professionals.

A group of 30 players will be heading to New York City on April 6th for the “CFA Career Day 2018 Networking” event. Many thanks to the Cornell Football Association for sponsoring this important player experience.

Front Row: Pete DeStefano, Dennis Ginley, Buck Briggs, Ty Siam, Jared Konstanty, Ryan Lempa
Back Row: Jeff Woodring, Matt Russo, Ryan Masterson, Ryan Adams, Jim Perrello

Front Row: John Hanson, Chris Morosetti, Mark Palmerino, Stephanie Perkins, Daniel Green, Lauren Kent, Jake Whalen, Pete DeStefano
Back Row: Newman Rochester, Jim Miner, Dan Hagen, Frank O’Dowd, Christian Golofaro, Chris Hanson


Pete DeStefano
Cornell University
Director of Player Personnel,
Alumni, Community, and Career Programs
O: 607-255-5638
F: 607-255-4088
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