CFA Parent Membership


Dear Parents of Cornell Football Players,

Due to the fact that, as parents of current players, you are getting the weekly “Crescent”, I know there has been some confusion over whether or not you are members of the CFA and exactly what the CFA is and does. The Cornell Football Association(CFA) is an independent non-profit alumni organization that was formed to help support the Cornell Football Program financially as well as provide mentoring, internship opportunities and basically anything else that DIRECTLY enhances your son’s experience as a Cornell Football player, during, and even more importantly after his playing days are over.

I’m writing to inform you of recent decisions made at the Cornell Football Association board meeting held in New York City on November 12, 2016. These decisions were made after discussion with the Parents representatives that serve on the CFA Board. As a Board, we understand fully the commitment that parents make in supporting a student athlete at Cornell. As such, going forward the CFA will fully fund the post-game meals for the players beginning with the 2017 football season. Other initiatives that the CFA is currently undertaking:

  • Financially supporting enhanced tailgates for the home games currently.
  • Increasing the dues paying membership to 800 active members by 12/31/18.
  • Introducing non-traditional revenue opportunities.
  • Pursuing the completion of the Player’s lounge in Schoellkopf.
  • Providing Wi-Fi access to ALL of Schoelkopf, including player’s locker room.
  • Working jointly with the university to increase the football operating budget by $400,000 beginning with the 2017 season. Allowing us to be more on par with our competition.

In an effort to streamline our efforts and provide a more enjoyable experience for all, we are also working to have ONE tent for both the Parents and CFA at all tailgates. We know that many of you have joined the CFA currently and we thank you! It is worth noting that as members you will still have autonomy to raise funds for projects of your choosing. We want and need you involved in our collective efforts to DIRECTLY support the success of the Football program and are inviting you to join the CFA if you haven’t already done so. Memberships are valid until December 31, 2018.

We look forward to welcoming you to the new CFA.

The Cornell Football Association (CFA) is an independent autonomous not-for-profit 501(c)(3) entity. All donations are tax deductible, and all contributions received are for the benefit of Cornell Football.


Doug Pratt '84
CFA Chairman
(636) 262-0048
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