Why I Go to the CFA Golf Outing Every Year

By Dan Leonard ’79

Golf has nothing to do with it! I go to see my buddies, my teammates. I go to hear all the same old stories, over and over. Here is a little taste of what I am expecting:

  • How Bubba Licht singlehandedly won the Harvard Game in 1976. You will hear more about this if you attend the golf outing this year as we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Bubba’s heroics.
  • I like to curl up with a beer and a cigar (ok, a near-beer) and listen to Paul Varga go on and on and on for 20 minutes describing every little detail of “The Saga of Psi U and Freddy the Pig”. Guys were wetting their pants the last time PV held court.
  • Have you ever heard the story of Chuck Lill’s imitation of Coach Mallett, given at the top of the steps on the 3rd floor of Schoellkopf (when there were beds up there during summer camp)??… “Point your toes at the ILR school”…. or better yet, Coach Mallett’s imitation of Chuck a couple of days later. Hilarious.
  • Ask Johnny Curran about the special treatment he got from Tom McGory when we were sophomores – very funny.
  • Or the time I saved Ringer from a hundred townies outside of the North Forty.
  • If you get the chance, ask Ed Marinaro ’72 about the Jet’s QB that had a stutter and got a delay of game penalty every time he tried to call an audible.
  • Another classic storyteller is Santo LaQuatra ’70. If you want some fun, ask him about “Glass Eye the Townie”, the kid from Spanish Harlem, or Erv’s on the cliff behind Chi Psi….
  • You can ask Andy Curtin how he used to represent Psi U at the IFC Disciplinary Council: “…. I am not going to stay here and have you defame the United States of America….”
  • Another classic, when Pete Noyes used the JUGS machine with a FB to practice interceptions with his linebackers. Jim Knowles tells that story the best.

I could go on and on. You get the picture. So join us for this year’s CFA Story-Outing. It’s the best weekend of the summer, period!